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Austin Ninjas Party Information

  • Parties are $350, with up to 20 participants. Additional participants $16 each, up to 25 total.
  • Private party option available on Saturday @ 6pm or Sunday @ 10am for $450, up to 20 participants. Additional participants $16 each, up to 25 total.
  • Only the dates shown on the calendar are available to book your party.
  • All guests must wear athletic shoes.
  • All participating youth must be 5-17 years of age and have a waiver signed by their PARENT. Waivers are available at please share this link with party guests.
  • The party length is 1 hour and 45 minutes. The first 75 minutes will be in the ninja gym with an instructor. The last 30 minutes will be in the private party room. After the party room guests depart the facility.
  • All participants must be included in the party count (including siblings). Children not old enough to participate are welcome to wait in the parent waiting area with their parents.
  • You may bring whatever food you would like for your party. The instructor will help you pass out food in the party room. No alcohol is permitted in our facility.
  • Bring your own table coverings, plates, utensils, and napkins.
  • The instructor is included in the party price.
  • Parents of party guests are to remain in parent viewing area or in the party room.
  • The gym is open to the public during the party (except during private party option).
  • Must be paid in full two weeks prior to party date. ($100 non-refundable deposit)
  • Ages 14 & Up option available on Friday evenings for $350, up to 20 participants (all of the above rules apply to an Ages 14 & Up party).

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